ADHD and Learning Assessments

Are you interested in testing for ADHD or other learning disabilities? Do you, your child, or your adolescent need to seek accommodations for school or work?

Now is a perfect time!

Behavioral Sciences of Alabama provides psychoeducational/diagnostic testing. To get started, make a clinical interview appointment to discuss symptoms and complete initial screenings. We will then recommend a battery of tests tailored to you or your child’s needs.

Diagnostic tests are administered in person; however, when you need contactless evaluation, we can test in the office through a window that joins two rooms. We provide all materials (e.g., iPads connected through Bluetooth) ahead of time, and the testing room and equipment are disinfected immediately before your arrival. The person receiving the assessment sees and hears the counselor administering the assessments.

When social distancing procedures are required, we provide direction on where to go upon entering the building to complete the entire session.

To schedule, please call our office at 256-883-3231 to do a prescreening assessment and learn about the process of evaluation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

* DISCLAIMERS: Please be aware that most insurance companies do not cover psychoeducational testing. Contact the number on the back of your insurance card to verify. Additionally, due to the nature of the setting, we will only be doing these assessments with clients eight years of age and older. Thank you for your understanding.

Call (256) 883-3231 and ask for information on in-person and telehealth testing for ADHD and learning challenges.

David Barnhart