Is Your Teen Always Tired?


Sleep deprivation shows up across a variety of diagnostic categories. Approximately 30% of adolescents between 13 and 25 suffer from a sleep disorder. When I ask teens how they’re feeling, they will frequently answer, “Tired.” One of the first questions I ask in a diagnostic interview is, “Do you feel rested when you wake up?”…

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Are You and Your Children Over-Scheduled?


While having my hair cut, my barber talked with me about over-scheduled children. He wondered how parents kept up with all of the activities. Parents wonder the same thing. In my office, parents question whether they should be taking kids to soccer practice, music lessons, robotics, church, and Sunday school. If their child is serious…

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Resetting Sleep- Best Practices for a Good Night’s sleep

rsetting sleep

Sleep is fundamental to good mental and physical health. Sleep is the first item on our symptom checklist when you come to our office to complete paperwork. Sleep deprivation affects working memory and attention and makes it difficult to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. When we are trying to reset a sleep schedule, the first…

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Conversations In Counseling: What’d I Say?

conservation in consulleing

“WHAT’D I SAY?” When a former counseling client says, “I’ll never forget what you said. It’s always stuck with me,” I hold my breath praying, “please God, let it be something I wouldn’t regret saying or at least let it be helpful.” The conversations between counselor and client make up an essential piece of the…

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